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Hard Money Real Estate

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The hard money loan is designed to assist F5’s real estate investors who would like to close quickly on real estate purchase transactions, or to access existing equity on real estate already owned. F5’s hard money loan is a fast and easy solution to realize your next investment opportunity. If you have a viable exit strategy that is short-term—within 12 months of the funding of the loan—F5’s standard hard money loan is an excellent loan product to consider. This loan must be secured in first lien position on either residential, multi-family, or commercial real estate.

We offer:

  • Rates as low as 6.75%
  • LTV’s up to 75%
  • Interest only
  • Residential or commercial.

Financial ventures can be tricky, and time is often of the essence. In certain situations, where a traditional loan cannot be secured in a speedy fashion, a F5 hard money loan can be a great alternative.

When going the traditional route, the most significant factors in securing your loan are your credit score, income, and loan history, and the application process can be meticulous and time-consuming. F5 Financial hard money loans are different. With these loans, collateral rather than credit score forms the basis of the loan, meaning that the funds you need can be secured based upon a percentage of the value of the collateral you can offer.

Securing a hard money loan through F5 will happen more quickly than securing a traditional loan, therefore, and the income and creditworthiness of the borrower simply are not the significant factors that they are when taking the traditional route. Moreover, since each hard money loan is evaluated individually, details like repayment schedules can be more flexible than in a traditional loan.

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