Asset Based Lending / ABL

Asset Based Lending / ABL

Asset Based Lending /ABL


Our asset based lending programs deal with a wide range of industry and various circumstances. To that end here we have laid out out some of the most typical criteria our approved customers have met, if you have additional questions please call us at 844-484-5625 (LOAN)


Typical Clients

  • Revenue between $5 million and $100 million
  • Capital needs up to $20 million
  • Lendable assets including accounts receivable, inventory, and machinery & equipment
  • Private or public U.S. company
  • Service, manufacturing, wholesale, retail and distributor businesses in all sectors

Typical Circumstances

  • Seasonal peaks and valleys in revenue
  • Acquiring another business
  • Facilitating an expansion
  • Refinancing an existing credit line
  • Supporting a recapitalization or restructuring/turnaround
  • Stabilizing the business with patient